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Loan Servicing & Asset Management

Closing the loan is not the end of RED’s relationship with our specialty housing financing clients — it’s only the beginning. The loan servicing group at RED Capital Group is dedicated to providing the industry’s best loan service and support at every stage throughout the life of the loan. Our experienced loan servicing group is responsible for servicing a portfolio totaling more than $16 billion in total unpaid principal balance, including mortgage loans for seniors housing & healthcare, multifamily, affordable, student housing and other income properties. Our loan servicing group provides support for the following property specialties: Seniors Housing & Healthcare, Multifamily Housing, Affordable Housing and Student Housing.


RED has long fostered a culture of lifelong learning and lending industry expertise and is eager to work collaboratively and share that knowledge with our clients. The world of mortgage lending and financing housing projects can be incredibly nuanced and complicated, which drives our loan servicing team to specialize in simplifying these topics and identifying possible challenges before they occur.

Bringing together the tremendous power of our lending capital and the superior knowledge of our loan servicing team, RED drives client success that is unrivaled in our industry. We provide in-depth answers to your most difficult financing questions and are dedicated to serving as a resource for complicated lending matters. By delivering on that promise and servicing thousands of clients for more than two decades, RED Capital Group has earned our reputation as The Face of Lending. Click here to contact us.


RED Capital Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of ORIX USA Corp.