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Affordable Housing Financing

The team at RED Capital Group works hard to bring accuracy and efficiency to financing relationships with our affordable housing clients. With our access to capital resources from a wide variety of financial sourcing options, RED can meet the demands of affordable housing properties, regardless of the scale or financial need. We bring our decades of experience to tackle challenges for each of our clients and our continual focus is finding the best custom financing solution for your affordable housing property.

No matter the scale of your affordable housing property and no matter the size of your financial need, RED Capital Group is equipped to finance and support your largest endeavors. By leveraging our access to billions of dollars in capital resources, RED provides comprehensive affordable housing financing solutions in the form of bond financing*, construction financing, and permanent financing.

In addition to our wide range of capital resources and financing options, the team at RED has extensive experience navigating the complicated affordable housing industry. In our decades of affordable housing experience, RED has worked with borrowers and issuers across the country to develop financial packages to support:

  • FHA insured market rate and Section 8 assisted housing projects
  • Section 8 mod-rehab projects
  • Properties with bonds requiring credit enhancement replacement
  • 4% Low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) transactions
  • Residual asset purchases
  • Bond defeasance transactions

RED understands the affordable housing industry and has financed thousands of successful affordable housing construction projects since 1991. We’re eager to share this wealth of affordable housing knowledge with our clients to drive their success in this market. That’s how we’ve earned our reputation as The Face of Lending.

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“Financing affordable properties often involves numerous sources of funds from various funders and can be very complex. RED, as a tax-exempt bond underwriter and mortgage lender, has the experience and relationships to help coordinate all the pieces that need to come together on an affordable housing development. We go beyond what a typical financer will do to orchestrate and get a deal to closing.”


Our Recent Experience

Affordable Housing

  • June 22, 2017
  • $3,612,700
  • Casa De Cortez
  • FHA 221(a)(7) Refinance
  • (Fallbrook, CA)
  • 32 Units

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