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Associate Development Program

The RED Capital Group Associate Development Program (RED ADP) is a rotation program leveraged to develop talent internally through a structured program of established curricula, on-the-job training and customized rotations in various business units. Upon successful completion of RED ADP, the Associate will have a base of knowledge which will prepare them for a permanent placement in one of the firm’s business units.

Each associate has a sponsor, who will work with them throughout the program. For each assigned rotation, the associate also has a Business Unit Rotation Coach.


  • Provide a single point of contact for the Associate
  • Oversee progress in the Program
  • Ensure progression through the Program
  • Establish regular meetings, informally, to meet with the Associate
  • Interact with each assigned Rotation Coach to solicit feedback for the Associate’s Performance Evaluation
  • Responsible for conducting the Associate’s performance review
  • Responsible for timely transition to each scheduled rotation through communication with respective department head and Rotation Coach


  • Works with the Committee on curriculum content specific to each business unit
  • Communicates recommendations to the Committee for any proposed changes to the curriculum as necessary
  • Fosters a relationship with the Associate to provide guidance and direction
  • Facilitates consistent and meaningful work load assignment
  • Ensures the work offers a suitable range of exposure
  • Ensure the work assigned to the Associate through the course of their rotation meets the goals articulated in the curriculum
  • Monitors the Associate’s progression toward achieving the curriculum outcome and shares information routinely with the assigned Sponsor regarding the Associate

At the end of each rotation period, associates will receive a performance review to assist them with their development. The sponsor, with input from the various department heads and rotation coaches, will conduct the performance review.

Available positions throughout the firm will be posted internally as they arise, to allow interested employees and the RED Associate Development Program associate to apply for the position. The associate will interview for internal positions with the hiring manager and other leaders or team members. While completion of the program does not guarantee placement, it is unlikely that an associate would reach the end of the program without being considered. Factors such as individual performance, contribution, and business need will all be taken into consideration when making a placement decision.

For more information and to see available job postings, visit https://orix.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/ohiocollegerecruiting.

RED Capital Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of ORIX Corporation USA