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RED’s commitment to its segments of the real estate finance business allows us to invest in our most important asset – human capital – offering our current and future employees a career in a creative workplace. Our team members actively seek learning opportunities and share their knowledge at conferences and events, as well as training the next generation of leaders through RED’s Apprenticeship program. While recognizing and rewarding performance, RED fosters professional and personal growth, with a unique emphasis on philanthropy and community involvement at all levels of our company.


RED is committed to attracting, developing and retaining the highest caliber performers for our team of experts. Whether you are a recent graduate, newcomer to the industry, middle manager or a seasoned professional, our goal is to provide a workplace filled with opportunities to grow your career. Our commercial mortgage lending portfolio offers you the chance to gain exposure to multiple disciplines within the finance business and provides you with exciting advancement and lateral move opportunities.

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The RED Capital Group Associate Development Program (RED ADP) is a rotation program leveraged to develop talent internally through a structured program of established curricula, on-the-job training and customized rotations in various business units. Upon successful completion of RED ADP, the Associate will have a base of knowledge which will prepare them for a permanent placement in one of the firm’s business units.

Each associate has a sponsor, who will work with them throughout the program. For each assigned rotation, the associate also has a Business Unit Rotation Coach.

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The RED Capital Group Summer Internship Program is a 9-week program used to develop talent and provide exposure to the commercial mortgage industry through a structured program of established curricula, on-the-job analyst training and mini-rotations in various originations support business units.

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Providing Commercial Financing is important to community development; however, volunteering in the towns in which we live is equally important to our employees. We believe that we can be an integral part of building our communities. RED employees raise funds for cancer research through the Light the Night Foundation and One Million for Anna, and support the American Heart Association. We volunteer at shelters such as the Community Shelter Board and the North Texas Food Bank and many more activities in the communities in which we live. We participate in runs, walks and other fundraisers for causes we are passionate about. RED employees work in organizations that make an impact in the lives of children, seniors and others less fortunate.

RED partners with the ORIX Foundation, the charitable arm of our parent organization, ORIX USA Corporation, to maximize every gift that employees make. In 2016, $2.3M in grants were awarded to organizations in the communities where RED employees live and work.

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Live a healthy life

Our full-time employees have access to robust healthcare choices, including health, dental, vision, and more. We know that our employees have differing needs when it comes to healthcare, which is why we offer multiple coverage options for employees and their dependents that best suit their individual circumstances.

  • Three options within our medical plan, including two PPOs and a High Deductible Healthcare Plan (HDHP) options
  • Dental plan with a $2,000 annual benefit per member
  • Premium Vision benefits
  • Health Savings Account with company contributions
  • Flexible Spending Accounts for medical, dependent care, and parking/transportation
  • Wellness credits

Care for you and your loved ones

We understand how important it is for families to be taken care of so our employees can focus on doing their best at work. Many of our benefit programs are focused on supporting employees and their families through the various stages of life, including offering parental leave, disability coverage, life insurance, and much more.

  • Generous company-paid Basic Life and AD&D coverage
  • Salary Continuation Plan for periods of short-term disability
  • Company-paid parental leave
  • Supplemental term life insurance
  • Supplemental dependent life insurance
  • Supplemental long-term disability coverage
  • Sick time
  • Bereavement leave
  • Employee assistance plan

Invest in your future

Achieving financial security is an important part of overall wellness, which is why we offer a generous 401(k) match with short vesting schedule to help our employee’s build their retirement benefits. We also value the importance of lifelong learning, so we support our employees in achieving their job-related educational and professional development goals through various company-sponsored programs.

 Enjoy quality time

It is important for our employees to recharge, travel, spend time with family, and simply get the most out of life, so we offer several paid time off options to help our employees be at their best.

  • Vacation days that increase with tenure
  • Sick time
  • Up to 13 annual company holidays
  • Personal floating holidays

Give back

Giving back is a key component of our company culture, which is why we established the ORIX Foundation, an employee-led philanthropic organization focused on advancing education, strengthening communities, and improving lives. We support our employees’ giving spirit toward charities that matter most to them by offering a generous gifts matching program through the ORIX Foundation, volunteer time off, and more!

  • Volunteer time off
  • Company-sponsored community service initiatives
  • Charitable gifts matching program


RED’s culture is unique. Our employees are innovative, hardworking, collegial, and have unparalleled business expertise. We are 100% focused on serving the customer and we abide by a set of 21 Covenants, the first and last of which are “Always Do the Right Thing.”

1st: Always Do The Right Thing.

2nd: Do more with less. Do it faster. Do it better.

3rd: Where others see problems, find opportunities.

4th: Where others see risk, find margin and flow. Mitigate risk through selectivity and underwriting.

5th: Where others see complexity, push through to simplicity.

6th: Where others see only upside, find the downside.

7th: When others are in a hurry, be patient, thoughtful and analytical.

8th: Think of your colleagues as customers. Think of your customers as colleagues. Respect them as people. Treat them as you would like to be treated.

9th: Demand clarity in documentation.

10th: Never sacrifice the long run to the short run.

11th: Employ the power of teamwork.

12th: Anticipate the worst possible outcome; mitigate against it; do not, however, be afraid to take a well considered risk.

13th: Be consultive; two minds are better than one.

14th: Be attentive to detail; the details can kill you.

15th: Be innovative; if you stop, the world will pass you by.

16th: Be aggressive; the world will not come to you.

17th: Be thoughtful; this is a thinking person’s business. Thoughtless errors, large or small, are unacceptable.

18th: Work hard; there is no such thing as easy money.

19th: Learn; knowledge is both power and the key to success.

20th: Meet problems head on; timely action is the key to avoiding loss. Never delay advising senior colleagues of a problem. The messenger will not be held accountable for the message. The failure to deliver such a message clearly and promptly, however, is a breach of the covenants of this partnership.

21st: Always Do The Right Thing.

RED Capital Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of ORIX USA Corp.