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About RED
Mission and Values

RED Capital Group, LLC (RED) is a preferred provider of targeted financial services in the multifamily, affordable and seniors housing and healthcare markets. RED’s national presence is grounded in our strong customer relationships, our collaborative, solutions-oriented approach to the clients’ needs, a strong work ethic, the certainty of execution and a continuing commitment to the mortgage finance business.

RED’s supportive relationship with ORIX USA Corporation, our parent, enables RED to offer the flexible, risk-correlated capital alternatives of larger lenders while maintaining the responsiveness and maneuverability of a small, client-centric company. Our affiliation with ORIX USA allows RED to meet the immediate and the long-term needs of our clients as those clients seek to capitalize on opportunities in the multifamily, affordable, seniors housing and healthcare real estate markets.

RED’s commitment to its segments of the real estate finance business allows RED to invest in our most important asset – human capital – offering our current and future employees a career in a creative workplace. While recognizing and rewarding performance, RED fosters professional and personal growth, with a unique emphasis on philanthropy and community involvement at all levels of our company.

Our mission

To provide targeted financial services in the multifamily, affordable and seniors housing and healthcare markets.

The 21 Covenants Of Red Capital Group

RED’s culture is unique. Our employees are innovative, hardworking, collegial, and have unparalleled business expertise. We are 100% focused on serving the customer and we abide by a set of 21 Covenants, the first and last of which are “Always Do the Right Thing.”

1st: Always Do The Right Thing.
2nd: Do more with less. Do it faster. Do it better.
3rd: Where others see problems, find opportunities.
4th: Where others see risk, find margin and flow. Mitigate risk through selectivity and underwriting.
5th: Where others see complexity, push through to simplicity.
6th: Where others see only upside, find the downside.
7th: When others are in a hurry, be patient, thoughtful and analytical.
8th: Think of your colleagues as customers. Think of your customers as colleagues. Respect them as people. Treat them as you would like to be treated.
9th: Demand clarity in documentation.
10th: Never sacrifice the long run to the short run.
11th: Employ the power of teamwork.
12th: Anticipate the worst possible outcome; mitigate against it; do not, however, be afraid to take a well considered risk.
13th: Be consultive; two minds are better than one.
14th: Be attentive to detail; the details can kill you.
15th: Be innovative; if you stop, the world will pass you by.
16th: Be aggressive; the world will not come to you.
17th: Be thoughtful; this is a thinking person’s business. Thoughtless errors, large or small, are unacceptable.
18th: Work hard; there is no such thing as easy money.
19th: Learn; knowledge is both power and the key to success.
20th: Meet problems head on; timely action is the key to avoiding loss. Never delay advising senior colleagues of a problem. The messenger will not be held accountable for the message. The failure to deliver such a message clearly and promptly, however, is a breach of the covenants of this partnership.
21st: Always Do The Right Thing.


RED Capital Group offers comprehensive financing solutions to specialty housing properties across the country and provides industry leading loan servicing and asset management to our clients. Thanks to our access to capital resources, RED has the financial backing your property needs, no matter the scale. With more than two decades of highly specialized industry experience, the team at RED leverages their knowledge and lending industry expertise to deliver accurate and efficient results every time.

Over the past two decades, RED Capital Group has financed and supported thousands of clients and facilitated the construction, renovation, expansion or refinancing of properties throughout the nation.

RED is proud to be the Nation’s #1 FHA/HUD Multifamily and Seniors Lender for the last five years:

  • HUD FY16 Loan Count and Volume
  • HUD FY15 Loan Count
  • HUD FY14 Loan Volume
  • HUD FY13 Loan Volume
  • HUD FY12 Loan Count and Volume


Combined with the $6 billion in funding on the balance sheet of our parent company, ORIX USA, RED Capital Group finances specialty housing properties by taking advantage of our partnerships with the lending industry’s most respected capital sources, including: Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Fannie Mae DUS® , Freddie Mac, Balance Sheet Lending, Bond Financing*, Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS), and Sales & Trading*.

Property Specialties

Since 1991, RED Capital Group’s expert team of bankers and loan services has gained experience financing and managing loans for a variety of specialty housing properties. Our team is uniquely qualified to provide creative financing solutions to borrowers for: Seniors Housing & Healthcare, Independent Living Communities, Assisted Living Communities, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), Multifamily Housing, Affordable Housing and Student Housing.

WorkForce Housing

Market-Rate Multifamily

Affordable Housing

Student Housing

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Loan Servicing & Asset Management

RED Capital Group partners with our clients to efficiently close their loans then manage their long-term servicing. With extensive lending industry knowledge and guidance, our dedicated loan servicing and asset management team will work carefully through each detail and every step in the process. RED provides direct access to our loan servicing specialists, who will answer your most complicated financial questions. We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as The Face of Lending.

About RED

RED is comprised of three primary entities – RED Mortgage Capital, LLC, RED Capital Partners, LLC and RED Capital Markets, LLC (Member FINRA/SIPC). Our employees provide mortgage banking, proprietary banking and investment banking expertise from 11 uniquely positioned offices nationwide. RED is a direct provider of capital at all levels of the capital stack to multifamily, affordable and student housing communities as well as seniors housing and healthcare communities. A recognized industry leader, with innovative and comprehensive structures and consistently high rankings, RED has provided over $74 billion of integrated debt and equity capital since 1990.

About Orix USA Corporation

ORIX USA provides innovative capital solutions that clients need to propel their business to the next level. Based in Dallas, ORIX USA has a team of more than 600 employees spanning nearly 20 offices across the U.S. and Brazil. ORIX USA and its family of companies offer investment capital and asset management services to clients in the corporate, real estate, municipal and energy sectors, while holding $6 billion of assets and managing an additional $29 billion, approximately. Its parent company, ORIX Corporation, is a Tokyo-based, publicly owned international financial services company with operations in 37 countries and regions worldwide. ORIX Corporation is listed on the Tokyo (8591) and New York Stock Exchanges (IX). For more information on ORIX USA, visit www.orix.com.

RED Capital Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of ORIX USA Corp.