Financing Sources

RED has built our industry leadership from a strong financial foundation. In addition to the $6 billion of balance sheet funds from our parent corporation, RED Capital has forged relationships with the lending industry’s largest capital resources. For more than two decades, RED has connected our clients with financial offerings from the following lending sources:

Property Specialties

Among other honors, RED has been recognized as a Fannie Mae DUS® program leader in product development and procedural excellence while providing billions in capital to specialty housing industries since 1995. During our decades of specialty housing financing experience, the team at RED Capital Group has become the industry experts at providing critical financing for a number of specialty property types, including:

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Loan Servicing & Asset Management

RED Capital Group partners with our clients to efficiently close their loans then manage their long-term servicing. With extensive lending industry knowledge and guidance, our dedicated loan servicing and real estate asset management team will work carefully through each detail and every step in the process. RED provides direct access to our loan servicing specialists, who will answer your most complicated financial questions. We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as The Face of Lending.