Multifamily Housing

term sheets-Fannie Mae

  1. Mortgage and Credit Enhancement Products and Programs: Multifamily and Healthcare Properties

  2. Information Needed for Preliminary Analysis: Mortgage Financing for Multifamily and Health Care Properties

  3. DUS® Multifamily: Fixed Rate Financing

  4. DUS® Multifamily Market Rate Forward Commitment Financing: New Construction

  5. DUS® Multifamily ARM 7-6TM: Adjustable Rate Mortgage Financing

  6. Prepayment Options for Fixed-Rate Multifamily Loans

  7. Variable Rate Bond Credit Enhancement Structured Swap: Market Rate Transactions

term sheets-FHA

  1. Commonly Asked Questions

  2. Introduction and Overview

  3. Section 223(f): Apartment Refinance or Acquisition

  4. Section 221(d)(4): Apartment New Construction/Substantial Rehabilitation

  5. Section 221(d), 220 and 231: Apartment New Construction/Substantial Rehabilitation – PLA Checklist

  6. Section 223(f): Apartment Refinance or Acquisition – PLA Checklist

  7. Section 223(a)(7): Refinance for FHA Insured Projects – PLA Checklist


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