Horse Play Takes on a Whole New Meaning for RED Capital Group’s Jason Smeck

Sometimes, the easiest path to healing isn’t what you might think. Sometimes, the best therapy involves a 1,000-pound horse.

Just ask Jason Smeck, Managing Director in the Senior Housing

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The Columbus Volunteer Task Force Kicks Off its First Event at the Community Shelter Board

Shelter. It’s a small word that means so much: protection, haven, sanctuary. It’s more than a roof over our heads. It’s home sweet home. A place where many of us take refuge, create memories and

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Celebrating the Reopening and Revitalization of Hollins House

Baltimore, MD   April 5, 2017  -  A very special ribbon cutting ceremony brought together a coalition of affordable housing champions, including: City of Baltimore Mayor, Catharine

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Louisiana Governor Recognizes IDP Housing, LP, as “Housing Heroes” for Post-Flood Rehabilitation on Tangi Village Apartments

Team Effort Allows 100 Families to Return Home After 2016 Floods.

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